14 September 2008


In the coming week, I have made plans to start on at least one track for employment until I find something I really want to do. Tomorrow, I will be turning in an application, transcripts, and fingerprint clearance paperwork to work as a substitute teacher (good for six years, as I understand it) for Mesa Public Schools. The job pays $90 a day, and I get to choose the days and places I want to work. For 7-12 grades, I also get to choose the subjects I will work in, with high school english and government courses topping my list, and mathematics nearing the bottom of my favorites. I also put in an application to work as a security guard, and I need to go to their offices for an interview sometime this week. That company has paid guard training for the Arizona Guard Clearance Card, CCW training, and is fairly close to home. It also pays $11 an hour, which would enable me to buy my own car/insurance/gas and save some money for DC. I'm also making plans to talk with the University of Arizona about their MILS degree (library science) to see how all that works. I will continue updates as applicable on how things go on each of these fronts!

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  1. Math on the bottom! How dare you!
    I'm just joking. I completely agree with you about it. To me it's the worst subject anyone could ever substitute for.

    Good luck with all the paper work. I hope it works out for you. And I'm interested to hear what you found out about the MILS degree at U of A.