07 September 2008

BS of APS on PA from NAU

I figured this deserved its own post. I finally completed my Bachelor's of Science degree of American Political Studies focusing on Public Administration from Northern Arizona University (BS of APS on PA from NAU) and received my diploma in the mail today! It is beautiful!


  1. Congrats on a job well done, Andrew. Have faith in the job search, the right thing will come along~Susan Lett

  2. I have to be honest, I was more excited for the envelope that my diploma came in than I was for the actual diploma. But "heck yes!" for finally getting it!

    PS Susan Lett is my mom. She reads your blog. :)

  3. Thanks, Mrs. Lett and Ms. Lett! I was WAY excited to finally receive it. It was a great end to four fantastic years in Flagstaff (no alliteration intended)!

  4. Woohoo!! Congratulations!!!

    "So what type of degree do you have?"
    "A BS degree!!"

    Lol, I love it! :-D