10 March 2008

Spring Break and Musings

Yes, it's Monday, so that's not as much fun as it could be, but on Friday, I FINISHED my capstone course for college! This means just four more classes 'til graduation! Pretty sure I got a B in the capstone, too, so that's good. What else is new? Well, next week is Spring Break, and I'll be going home on Thursday through Sunday for my dad's 50th birthday. On Friday, too, I will be meeting with a guy about a possible job in Tempe on the CD-5 campaign staff. I really hope I can set something up by the end of break - it would be AMAZING to have a job taken care of by the end of March! Then Sunday through Wednesday at 7pm, I'll be on call up here in Flagstaff (yes, over St. Patrick's Day, so no booze!), so that could be worse. I'll have the last weekend for myself, to see if anyone wants to do anything. Now, I am listening to Disney music and putting off writing my draft paper for my class. No big deal. It's a three-page rough draft. Oh, and the weather here is gorgeous; I was out in it yesterday playing disc golf. I might just go out right now and run some errands!

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  1. Me thinks there is a Monday theme amongst us. :)

    Good luck with the job interview!! Let me know how it goes.