05 March 2008

Lucky the Penguin

It's official! Baseball season has started, and I cannot wait for the regular season's grand opening on March 31st. D-Backs home opener is just a few short days later on April 7th. I think that when I go home for Spring Break, I'm going to copy my yearly scoresheets (all 324) so I can keep up with scoring the games.
In other news, I'm not doing a paper on the US history of involvement in promoting democracy in Kosovo and their current struggle for independence. I should be, but I'm not right now. I'm writing a blog post. But seriously, this 8-page, double-spaced, 12-point-font paper on Kosovo is my FINAL TERM PAPER for my capstone course. And if I can swing something like at least a 50% and a 33% on my last two discussions, then I only need a 70% on the final paper to maintain a B in the class. And if, out of those, I don't miss more than 19 points (of 280). I will earn an A. So, I'm fairly confident in my B. After Friday, I only have to worry about 4 classes (Psychology of Sexuality, Organizational Psychology, Art Appreciation, and The Nuclear Age - Junior Writing class), instead of 5.

Also, as a side note today, I found a class ring belonging to someone out on the ground that just happened to catch my eye as I walked past. So I am searching for the person it belongs to, because it's a nice high school class ring - 24 karat gold and all.

In case you're also wondering, the picture I've attached with this post is Lucky the Penguin. Our "teambuilding" project from today's Org. Psych class. We had to make an animal using medical tape, a cold pack, a band-aid, tweezers, and a tongue depressor. Lucky is what we came up with, and I figured I'd share our creation with the world on the net here.

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  1. Interesting...I can kind of see it the penguine.