13 September 2009

Quick Stats

Today, I scanned a cursory check of Google Analytics, a program I use to track basic stats about how many people visit my blog, where they come from in the world, and what they're reading. This blog has been around since February 17, 2008, and I've been tracking stats since June 12 of that year. In that time:
  • 2,303 visitors
  • 33 countries represented (USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, and UK with top visits)
  • In the US, I've had visitors from 46 of the 51 states and the District of Columbia, with Arizona, DC, Michigan, California, and Virginia leading the viewership rates. (I'm still missing North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Hawaii, West Virginia, and Vermont.)
  • In Arizona, which holds 1,484 of the 2,303 visits, I've had hits from 42 different cities, with Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix leading the way.
  • People typically spend 1 minute, 46 seconds per visit reading my posts.
  • On three separate occasions, 30 or more people visited my blog in one day: 12/06/2008 (31 visits, "Merry Christmas"), 05/04/2009 (33 visits, "D-Backs Live Postgame Show", 08/11/2009 (55 visits, "Congressman Jeff Flake's Town Hall").
  • 54% of the people that have viewed my blog returned at least once. 45% are uniquely new visitors.

So, loyal readers, thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy my musings. Please feel free to leave more comments on my work... it helps me get better, and keys me in to more of what I should write about to keep people interested!

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