10 February 2009

Missing You.... I Am Missing You

Time for another post that is probably meaningless to everyone but me, but I felt the creative juices start to flow to the writing center of my brain, so here goes. The title of this post says it all: I am missing Flagstaff pretty bad. Everyone up there today got a snow day as the campus shut down for the 13" of snow they got with more expected to fall within the week. Meanwhile, Mesa got a little cold (though I'm currently wearing shorts, so what does that tell you? Either I'm crazy or "cold" is purely relative) and a little wet (.80" of rain). I'd much rather be having snowball fights with the Mountain View RA staff and the Greeks, trekking to the Union for a hot sandwich and soup, and trying mightily not to slip on the ice on my way to visit people in Taylor Hall. Ah, memories. Also, I'm dreading the inevitable warm-up period Phoenix is going to experience in just a few short weeks, as we go from the current highs in the 60's to unbearable Mercury-busting heat waves in the 80's, 90's, 100's and eventually in 5 months, 110's-120's. I'm talking the-seat-belt-will-give-you-third-degree-burns-LITERALLY hot! Bright spot: the beginning of spring training for baseball is in just a couple days. I have a ticket (yes, just a lone ticket) to the DBacks-Cubs game at Hohokam Park right off first base, 5 rows up. That ought to be awesome! The regular season begins with the DBacks-Rockies series on April 6th, and I am going to try to save up a few dollars to go to that game as well, if, of course my dream doesn't happen to become reality where I would be WORKING at Chase Field then!

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  1. I miss the snow/Flagstaff too. I haven't been snowboarding in a year. A YEAR!!! DC gets an inch of snow and the place goes crazy. They don't know what snow is!