04 February 2009

The Greatest Job in the World

Today, I found the greatest entry-level job in the entire world, and I applied for it. The position is that of "Stats Stringer" for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Essentially, the job is to score the game using baseball scoring software, then validate all the stats after the game against the Official Scorer's scoresheets, and prepare the final box score and game text for the PR staff. I mean, holy cow, if there was ever a job built for me, specifically, this one would be it. I wrote a nice cover letter, send out my resume, and I am REALLY praying that MLB calls me back for an interview, because this would honestly be my dream job for getting started in the working world!

1 comment:

  1. That sounds like an awesome opportunity and a perfect fit for you! I'm crossing my fingers that you get it!! :-)