13 December 2008


Why's it so hard to find something to do in Mesa, Arizona? Especially if you're not into the bar-slash-getting drunk scenes? I have been wracking my brain all day trying to think of something to do this afternoon here, but I have come up empty-handed. It's actually a little ironic: I want to do something that requires me not sitting at home being bored, and the lack of anything to do is requiring me to sit at home being bored! (I love irony....) To that end, why is it so difficult to find people to do something with? Even if I did come up with an idea, all of my friends either don't want to do anything or live much too far away and it's not reasonable for them to drive all the way out in the boondocks where I live. How does an unemployed, out-of-school graduate with no real ties to anything in Mesa FIND new friends? I mean, one place would be the local bars, which are essentially hangouts for twenty-to-thirty-something people who are bored and like to drink. I am not much for alcohol, and I really prefer someplace a lot quieter than most bars around here. Another place would, I imagine, be a church, but I'd really like to make some friends that I can see outside of the 8am service time. I just don't know.

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