25 August 2011


This week, I did something brand new to me: I got my first apartment, with my brother as my roommate. We moved in between Tuesday and Wednesday, and are currently in the process of unpacking and getting stuff settled.

The apartment is nice, and we're located in a decent part of southeastern Phoenix. The moving process itself was relatively painless, albeit hot, since we've had excessive heat warnings all week. Our apartment is not too energy efficient, so it's tough to cool it down, but it's not awful right now. We're trying hard to use as little electricity as we can to save money, but I have a feeling that our first SRP bill will still be high.

This type of being on my own is much different than being in my dorm as an undergrad. It's still sharing a building with a bunch of strangers, but this time I can't walk to the Union and get food with my meal plan. And my fan is squeaky and it's giving me a headache.

I'm not sure I like being on my own yet, but I assume that if and when I can find a job out here, it'll get better.

On the plus side of things, I did get my final grades for my Ethics class and my Preservation class from this summer: two A's which keeps my 4.0 GPA intact! I have now completed five classes out of the required twelve, and I'm almost halfway done with my Master's with a great GPA! Hopefully this will help me get a decent job soon!


  1. Congratulations on your new apartment! That's a big step. And congratulations on your good grades. That's cool, man.

  2. congratulations :) the photo in your background is super nice!