09 July 2010

No Job

Two weeks ago, I got an interview with the Arizona Tax Research Association, my first formal interview post-college, and for a group that I liked and actually wanted to work for. The job they were filling was a research analyst position, someone to crunch numbers and produce publications about tax policy in the state of Arizona.

I'll admit, I was nervous going into the interview because I had been jobless for such a long time and didn't really know what to expect. I was interviewed by Kevin McCarthy, ATRA's director, and overall I thought it went pretty well, although I know I could have done a better job selling myself - which I blame on nerves and my lack of confidence. I was told after the interview that Mr. McCarthy and his board of directors would have a decision by mid-July on who they wanted to hire.

I purposely did not tell too many people about the job prospect, primarily because I didn't want to get my hopes up too high for the job. Those of whom I did tell were all very supportive and promised to keep me in their prayers while I waited. I admit, though, I was excited and hopeful at the mere prospect of getting the job and being able to finally get on with MY life, move out of my parents' house, and get a car/apartment of my own. With about 1/3 of my life already over, assuming the average age of a typical male is 75 years old, it sometimes feels as if I'm wasting time without a job or any real leads.

Anyway, this morning I finally found out by email from Mr. McCarthy, who gave me notice of his decision without having to wait on a formal rejection letter, that I was not the person selected for the research analyst position. It was a bit disappointing, of course, but even though I was again not picked for the job, I know I should feel good about making through a pool of several hundred applicants to get to the interview and for being considered. Mr. McCarthy also said he would forward my resume on to some other people with whom I might be a good fit for a couple jobs, so I certainly appreciate his generosity in doing that on my behalf.

I told my close friends about the rejection after I found out this morning, and they were all very nice and supportive, for which I am grateful. Looking on the bright side, as I am always apt to do in situations like this (ha ha), at least I got some feedback on my job search, and to have it culminate in an interview and serious consideration for a good job is certainly rewarding. I only hope now that my good fortune here continues into the next few weeks and months of my job hunt and that something comes along that is an even better fit for me than ATRA.

Thanks for the well-wishes to all who have done so.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this!!!! Sorry for you, but selfishly not sorry for me! If you don't have employment in the future, I hope you'll still come and sub for me!!!


  2. Haha, I'm looking forward to subbing for you again this year, Adrienne. Although, since you're being selfishly not sorry, I don't feel so bad saying that I kind of hope you get sick so I CAN sub for you!!! (Insert Evil Laugh here!)