15 June 2010

2010 Primary Countdown

This year on August 24th (sooner if you request and return a mail-in ballot) Arizonans will have the chance to choose who will represent them for the next two to four years (depending on the race). To that end, I'm working on breaking down each race and providing information on the candidates from now until primary election day. There are 11 races that everyone will be voting on, plus some that will be exclusive to each local jurisdiction. They are:

1. Governor (10 candidates)
2. Secretary of State (3 candidates)
3. Attorney General (5 candidates)
4. Treasurer (5 candidates)
5. Superintendent of Public Instruction (5 candidates)
6. State Mine Inspector (2 candidates)
7. Corporation Commissioners (6 candidates)
8. State Senator (various candidates depending on district)
9. State Representatives (various candidates depending on district)
10. United States Senator (10 candidates)
11. United States Representative (various candidates depending on district)

We'll whittle down this number of candidates for each race to two or three apiece through the primary process. Then we re-vote for the general election, where 10 ballot propositions are proposed (as of this writing). After examining the elected officers' races, I'll also be taking a look at the ballot propositions, which include real estate measures and legalization of marijuana, among other things.

Look for this "series" of blog posts in the near future.

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