22 January 2010

Political Trading Cards

Okay, so I was scanning YouTube for fun stuff this morning, and I stumbled across a "box break" of political trading cards from a place called ExecutiveTradingCards.com. Apparently, these guys have made a trading card set out of the politicians in Congress, the major players in the Executive Branch, and the major Judicial Branch members.

The cards have been printed with politician information, and they kind of look like they're on mock money. I think it's a fantastic idea! If I ever get some extra money, I'm totally going to pick up a couple packs and see if I can collect the set!

Seriously, check this stuff out!

Website: http://www.executivetradingcards.com/
YouTube Box Break Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiXX1IA6RbA&feature=channel

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