29 December 2009

Holiday Quickness

Thanks to the holidays, I've been unable/unwilling to post anything of substance for the last couple weeks. So today, the two people that read this blog are getting an ultrafast rundown of what's been happening.

1. Nice Weather = Geocaching
Thanks to the weather around here being highly conducive to being outside (as opposed to a/c-inducing 120-degree July temps), I've been doing a little bit of hiking and geocaching again. I'll be posting more pictures in weeks to come, thanks to my new Christmas present - a digital camera.

2. Christmastime WAS Here
My last post was December 11th, and in the almost three weeks since then, I'm still waiting on a paycheck from Borders (from the week of Dec. 3rd), went and saw the lights at the Mormon Temple here in Mesa (a yearly tradition), bought gifts for people (The Audacity to Win for Ryan, a photo frame and coasters for Scott and Abigail, the "Fable II" XBox 360 game for David, a nutcracker for mom, woodworking clamps for dad, a photo frame for Sarah, and some random tools and a toolbox for Nathan), received a few gifts (a $25 gift card to Half Price Books from Scott; gift cards to Harkins Theaters, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy from extended family; a camera, cheese grater, and baseball cards from my family), and have hung out with various friends a couple of times.

3. Goodbye, and Good Riddance 2009
As 2009 comes to a close, I plan to do a longer post on this theme soon, but plans are in the works for the usual - staying up, playing games, singing Auld Lang Syne, etc.

Today, however, I am going to have lunch with Ryan as Fogo de Chai, which is apparently a Brazilian steakhouse in Scottsdale which I have never been to. Ryan's friend Eric will also be accompanying us, which will be interesting because Ryan has made him out to be basically the anti-Andrew politically speaking. Good times should ensue. I'm also going to be beating Borders to death about my paycheck, because, hell... that's a good $100 they haven't paid me!!!!

Wish me luck, look for more posts to come in the nearish future.

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