08 January 2009


So, as I think I mentioned before, I recently purchased a GPS receiver for a sport known as "geocaching." Essentially, the concept is to find small stashes of goodies using GPS coordinates and a keen eye, and sign the log book inside each cache to claim the find. The ultimate goal of which is, for me, to get out of the house more. Many people have placed these caches in parks, in the desert, in the city, etc. I am happy to say that yesterday I did find my first cache out in Gene Autry Park in Mesa! Go me! It was a good time, my GPS worked exactly as it was supposed to, and this weekend, I plan to try to find a few more caches out here.


  1. i think that sounds pretty fun! and, once you have the gps, it sounds like it's free :)

  2. It's very much fun. Of course, I'm not much in shape, so I stick to the caches that don't require hugely long hikes, but someday, I'm hoping to get out and be able to tackle some of the harder ones! I found #2 today after a 1/3 mile 1-way hike out near Red Mountain Park in Mesa.